Terms and Conditions


1.1 The Curenjoy website, www.curenjoy.com (hereinafter Curenjoy), is a service delivery platform that provides users with general information about clinical disease patterns, diagnoses, treatment options, travel options as well as clinics, doctors, medical institutions and also travel and tourism associates (hereinafter Partners).

1.2 These Terms and Conditions contain the basic rules for the use of the Curenjoy internet platform and apply to all contracts, transactions and activities between Curenjoy and platform users (hereinafter Users).

1.3 Using the Curenjoy service confirms that the User is familiar with these Terms and Conditions and accepts them.

1.4 The use of basic platform services is free of charge. However, Curenjoy reserves the right to offer additional paid services to the User at the request of the User (translation services, organization of exclusive services, any other services not related to the core business of the company, medical insurance, etc.).


2.1 Curenjoy internet platform provides users with the opportunity to get information about diseases, diagnoses, treatment options, clinics and doctors in Turkey. Curenjoy supports the user in finding a suitable clinic by providing detailed information about the different clinics and their main areas of treatment. In addition, Curenjoy provides useful information on how to prepare for a trip and accommodate in the country chosen for the treatment (for example, the necessary documents, conditions of entry, recommendations for travel, etc.) through contact information registered by the user.

2.2 When the User makes a decision about the trip to the chosen clinic, Curenjoy walks alongside the user from the moment of commencement of the trip to the moment of returning home after the end of treatment / diagnosis.

2.3 Curenjoy services are limited to platform administration. Curenjoy services and materials from clinics or users do not substitute for professional treatment by a physician or specialist in non-traditional methods of treatment. The choice and conduct of a specific method of treatment is carried out exclusively by a doctor or the medical institution. Curenjoy does not provide medical services and does not give medical advice on treatment.

2.4 Clinics material are provided by authorized person and doctors of specific medical institutions.

Curenjoy is not responsible for the content of the materials, clinics or users located on the platform. The relevant clinic or user is responsible for them.

2.5 In establishing contact between the user and the clinic, the contract for the provision of medical services is exclusively between the clinic and the user. The same applies to the conclusion of appropriate agreements with Curenjoy partners in the provision of paid services for elite services. Curenjoy is not responsible for the content of such contracts and for their execution.


3.1 Obtaining a medical program, sending a request for treatment, contacting the clinic and obtaining a second medical opinion means the registration process on the site. The registration process is allowed only for individuals who have reached the age of 18.

3.2 When registering on the site, the user must indicate her/his personal data in the amount requested in the form of sending the request. The user is responsible for the completeness and correctness of the data indicated.


4.1 All financial calculations for the provision of medical assistance or the provision of diagnostic services are conducted between the user (patient) and the clinic without the participation of Curenjoy.

4.2 The clinic or partner has the right to demand payment of a deposit account before the user (patient) arrives for treatment.