Zirconium Dental Crowns

Zirconium Dental Crowns

Services Description

Zirconium crowns are one of the best quality products reached in dental aesthetics so far. It has become an favourite material in dental aesthetics with its strength, biocompatibility and natural appearance.

In addition to the aesthetics it provides, it is the most frequently used material in dental restoration and implant treatments with its features such as longevity and its strength. Thanks to its natural appearance, it can be used easily in the front teeth, while it can be used in the back teeth with its durability.

For this reason, zirconium crowns are preferred by dentists for full mouth restorations, rather than hybrid dental works. In addition to appearance in dental aesthetics, it also provides other functions such as mechanical resistance and biocompatibility.

Zirconium crowns can be the solution to many aesthetic and mechanical dental problems.

Such as;

Discolaration cannot be solved by teeth whitening
To strength and protect the teeth with big caries
Filling the spaces between teeth (diastema)
Repair of broken teeth
Fixing the crowded teeth without orthodontic treatment
Decayed teeth with a small amount tooth remain that cannot be filled
Post implant treatments
In closing gaps of missing teeth with a dental bridge
Solving biting and closing problems
Covering and saving of damaged teeth due to teeth grinding and jaw clenching
Post endodontic (After root canal treatments)
Supporting the treatment of bacterial gum diseases

When you come to our office, decide to start treatment after x ray and consultation, we book your first appointment.

Teeth preparations are made with anesthesia on the first appointment. Your teeth are measured, photographs are taken and several molds are taken. Temporary teeth are made to provide comfort and prevent sensitivity until the second appointment. These temporaries are glued to the tooth surfaces.

In the second appointment, gingival compatibility is checked with the infrastructure rehearsal.

In the last appointment, aesthetic rehearsal is done.

The harmony of the tooth and the face is checked with zirconium crowns prepared in one or two sessions before the bonding and the desired tooth color and shape. All adjustments are done by the dentist before glued. If everything is okay, the crowns are permanently adhered to complete the smile design. These stages end in 7-10 days in total.