Privacy Policy

This section sets out the confidentiality policy in the work of Curenjoy, its subsidiaries and associates, medical institutions, doctors, administrative personnel of the clinics (Partners), which is observed in relation to the collection, processing, use and / or transfer of personal data. This provision is provided in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and a number of other international by-laws in the field of the confidentiality of personal information.


By using the services of the Curenjoy’s website, you agree that Partners may receive, store, process, disclose, access, modify and / or use personal data (including confidential medical data) about you that have been received from you or from other sources, for the purposes set forth below and / or for any other administrative or operational purposes and / or the purpose of regulating your arrangement as a client of Curenjoy or any other organization belonging to the Partner Group:

A. Providing services to you regarding your sales transactions with Partners, including services related to medical or health status (for example, [providing a diagnosis and / or treatment plan]);

B. Providing you with the opportunity to use the services provided by the Partners, including the Curenjoy’s web resources and Partners.

C. Work with your requests for information;

D. Saving and updating data;

E. Statistical analysis;

F. Administrative or practical purposes;

G. Preparation of tax and settlement documentation;

H. Collection of fees, fees and charges for services provided;

İ. Results of verification and identification;

J. Use of any opportunities of contact with you (Phone, e-mail, Messenger – Viber / WhatsApp / LINE /Telegram).