Acıbadem Healthcare Group

Biggest in Turkey

Acıbadem Healthcare Group, whose first hospital was established in 1991, provides healthcare services with its 21 hospitals, 16 outpatient clinics, and nearly 22.500 employees including 3.500 doctors and 4.000 nurses. Acıbadem, with its technology and its infrastructure, provides diagnosis and treatment services at healthcare standards certified with JCI accreditation. In addition to its hospitals and outpatient clinics, the Acıbadem Healthcare Group provides “360-degree” service in every field of medicine.

A Journey of Growth in Healthcare

It started out as a district hospital in 1991, continues on the world stage with an agreement made in 2012 with IHH Healthcare Berhad, one of the largest groups in the Far East. In 2016, Acıbadem Healthcare Group acquired the Tokuda Group and the City Clinic Group, both of which are leading Bulgarian healthcare providers.

Centers of Excellence

All of the hospitals in the Acıbadem Healthcare Group provide unique services with their specialty centers. Within the group there are 5 organ transplant centers (liver, kidney, bone marrow), 11 IVF centers, 11 cancer centers (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy), 18 breast health centers, 6 robotic surgery centers, 16 heart health centers (pediatric and adult cardiology, heart surgery), 9 obesity centers, 9 spine health centers, 5 Hemorrhoids and Anorectal Diseases Center, 1 Migren Treatment Center, 3 Endometriozis Center, 2, Perinatology and High Risk Pregnancies Center, 1 sports medicine center and 10 nuclear medicine centers that provide services with advanced technology infrastructures and qualified specialists.

Patient comfort and safety

Patients can receive all diagnosis and treatment services in the hospital without having to go anywhere else. Also access to all major specialty branches in specialized areas of the hospital enable services with a minimum amount of walking. The services being designed as a whole has made it possible for patients to receive diagnosis and treatment services with emphasis on patient security without wasting any time.